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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Spicy Food And Salivary Glands

Monday, 06 November 2017
Spicy Food And Salivary Glands
Image result for spicy food taste quoteOur mouth starts watering on seeing or smelling a spicy food because of the reflex action. The salivary glands in our mouth become active when we eat. The enzymes present in the saliva help in the digestion of food. But sometimes, the glands start secreting large amounts of saliva even when there is no food in the mouth. This happens in anticipation of eating tasty or spicy food when we see or smell it. On seeing or smelling a spicy food, nerve cells are stimulated and signals are sent to the brain which activate the salivary glands . the latter start secreting and our mouth starts watering. Courtesy wisdom
Expressing My Gratitude.
Image result for spicy food taste quote
There is a story of an old man planting mango trees . when his neighbour saw what the was doing, he said. “Do you think you will live long enough to taste the mangoes from those trees? “No, I doubt it, replied the old man” “Then why are you wasting your time?”asked the neighbour . The old man smiled and said, “All my life I have enjoyed eating mangoes from trees planted by others. This is my way of expressing my gratitude to the people who planted those trees” Mata Amritanandamayi
Quote from the True Charm and power of Vedanta
Diseases , mental laziness , doubt , lack of enthusiasm , lethargy, clinging to sense enjoyments, false perception, non-attaining concentration, and falling away from the state when obtained are the obstructing distraction.
Image result for spicy food taste quoteDiseases. This body is the boat which will carry us to the other shore of the ocean of life. It must be taken care of Unhealthy persons cannot be Yogis. Mental laziness makes us lose all lively interest in the subject without which there will neither be the will nor the energy to practise, Doubts will arise in the mind about the truth of the science, however strong one’s intellectual conviction may be , until certain peculiar psychic experiences come, as hearing or seeing at a distance, etc. These glimpse strengthen the mind and make the student persevere . falling away....when obtained. Some days or weeks when you are practising, the mind will be calm and easily concentrated and you will find yourself progressing fast. All of a sudden the progress will stop one day, and you will find yourself, as it were, stranded . Perseveres, All progress proceeds by such rise and fall.
But, if He exists?
I drive joy There was a doctor in Benaras who spent 7 minutes in the morning and evening for mediation on God. Knowing this, his colleagues and friends laughed at him. One day they argued that he was wasting ten precious minutes on something, which he had been misled into believing. The doctor replied, “Well, if God does not exist, I agree that I am wasting ten minutes a day. But, if He exists? I am afraid you are wasting your entire lifetime. I prefer to waste ten minutes rather than a lifetime. Why should you grudge me the 10 minutes joy that I derive 4m.
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