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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Motivate Yourself Positively

Monday, 13 November 2017
Motivate Yourself Positively
Image result for Motivate Yourself Positively quoteWe wish to have a more positive life experience. To have positive experience we must positively motivate ourselves. We must be convinced that any change we make will bring about the gratification of a particular need to desire.
Image result for Motivate Yourself Positively quoteTo make a constructive change in life, we must evaluate the potential benefits for any given action. Then we must convince ourselves that the benefits will justify or outweigh the price we have to pay for them. Others may inspire or threaten us to make such a change, but it is ‘You’ who must motivate yourself by means of ‘profit and loss’ comparison. To some degree, you have been doing this all your life. Now you can make certain hat the process will work for instead of against you.
Image result for Motivate Yourself Positively quoteThe criminal or an addict all have gone through the same process and based on their levels of awareness, usually under tragic circumstances, realized that their wish to escape from reality, had cost them too high a price-their health , wealth, peace of mind and sometimes life. Once realization dawns on them, their motivation sets them on a more positive course.
You will find it most helpful to cultivate the use of two familiar but often neglected words. “wise and unwise” All actions should be so classified. None should be labelled “good” or “bad” “fair” or “unfair”, “right” or “wrong” because these are only moral judgements based on your present awareness or the collective awareness or society.
Image result for Motivate Yourself Positively quoteThe terms wise and unwise do not impose value judgments. They allow you to Observe your actins or the actions of another and, on the basis of awareness decide if they are wise or unwise. At no time is the person being judged. Your actions may be faulty but you. The person you really are must never be classified as “bad” . This same understanding and courtesy must in turn be extended by you to everyone else. Courtesy wisdom
The quote from the True charm and power of Vedanta
From very ancient times the Indo Aryan have known that this gross body of ours is not all; there is another , a subtler body less destructible than this physical body and more potent, composed of mind, intellect and the sense of ego. It is just like a sheath which holds the soul . after death the soul of the individual still continues to live in this body along with all that he has accumulated, both good and bad, He must carry this with him until he has reaped the full harvests. He it was who did the sowing, whether voluntarily or involuntarily and he it is who must do the reaping. Every individual has the power to make his own choice. This life is a harvest-field in which we sow the seeds of our daily living. The man who is industrious, who ploughs his field in the right season, who sows his seeds and watches over it , can look upon the fruit of his labour with a sense  of satisfaction. Do not think that we can have, rich harvest by accident. There is no such thing as accident in the cosmic universe A man does not accidently receive, blessing. Even if he did he would not know how to retain it. When out of charity we give to the undeserving, we find that somehow or other they mange to come back to their original poverty. Courtesy reincarnation and immortality
But, if He exists?
I drive joy There was a doctor in Benaras who spent 7 minutes in the morning and evening for mediation on God. Knowing this, his colleagues and friends laughed at him. One day they argued that he was wasting ten precious minutes on something, which he had been misled into believing. The doctor replied, “Well, if God does not exist, I agree that I am wasting ten minutes a day. But, if He exists? I am afraid you are wasting your entire lifetime. I prefer to waste ten minutes rather than a lifetime. Why should you grudge me the 10 minutes joy that I derive 4m.
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